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Technical requirements
Scalability & stability

We realise that staff are often time pressured and drowning under sheer weight of numbers. Bearing this in mind we have put together a short synopsis of what makes the Sherwood Test Series relevant to you and your organisation. Links to more in-depth material are provided. We don’t believe in high pressure sales and would rather our tests speak for themselves!

What makes tests in the Sherwood Test Series different?
Our tests and inventories have been developed as professional psychometric instruments. They are forward-looking diagnostic tests that predict how well a learner will cope with the requirements of a course, training programme or job.

Image of students getting feedback from a learning support tutorData has been collected and analysed to establish good levels of reliability and validity. In other words the questions reliably assess an underlying construct and the construct that is assessed is a valid one in relation to the tests or inventories goals. Reliability and validity are established statistically by analysing the responses of many thousands of learners – questions that don’t work as intended are dropped before the test is used with learners. This is known as field trialling - this tells us we’re assessing the correct skills using questions that tap into them as intended.

By field trialling with lots of learners known to be working at standard levels we can establish norm reference groups for the same test. In short these groups let you compare a learner against various ability levels without them needing to take lots of different tests.

Top 10 requested show me’s for our most popular test, the Sherwood Ability, which covers
Literacy and Numeracy:

  1. What is a norm referenced test?
  2. What areas does your test cover?
  3. What does the test look like?
  4. What ability levels can I compare my students against?
  5. What sort of group reports can you generate?
  6. What do individual student reports look like?
  7. How do I export results to Excel for further analysis?
  8. Can I save reports to my intranet and how do I see them in our ILR or VLE?
  9. Can I import from our existing MIS system?
  10. Can I download a copy of the reports interpretation guide?

Benefits for Learning Support Staff

  • Computer-based initial assessment the easy way
  • Tests cover the core skills of literacy, numeracy & ICT
  • Partner inventories evaluate learning styles & working preferences
  • Quick to administer at around 15 minutes
  • Based on latest DfE & Ofqual standards
  • Suitable for assessing Essential Skills, Functional Skills & Key Skills
  • Easily screen the whole of your intake
  • Test unlimited numbers simultaneously
  • Tests delivered in a web browser
  • Low cost per learner
  • Purchase tests in the series together or individually
  • On-site installation & training day included in price

Benefits for Learners

  • Appealing questions make use of text, graphics & audio
  • Reliable & fair with proven psychometric attributes
  • Takes into account speed of answering
  • Compare against local or national standards
  • Covers all ability levels – self-paced administration

Benefits for Senior Management

  • Computer-scored reports available immediately
  • Centralised management from your own desk!
  • Clear & concise one page summary reports
  • Group reports by course or support programme
  • Customise report layout & content
  • Export to Excel for further analysis
  • Flexible pricing structure

Benefits for Technical Staff

  • Import & export from/to existing MIS/ILR systems
  • Either pre-register or use kiosk mode where learners input their own details
  • XML & HTML based reporting options
  • Scalable to meet your needs – fully networkable
  • Works with Microsoft SQL Server/Express
  • Robust & proven in the field – even with large numbers
  • Modest hardware requirements
  • High quality simple-to-follow printed documentation
  • Help system based on video clips saves staff time
  • Free software & norm updates for life
  • Comprehensive free technical support

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