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Sherwood Ability Screen sample questions
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Technical requirements

Here you’ll find a selection of questions from the test. In order to complete the sample questions you will need to have installed the free Adobe Flash player for your web browser. Most computers already have this installed so you shouldn’t need to do anything.

To answer a question click on one of the five multiple choice buttons. If a learner wanted to correct an answer they would simply click on an alternative before moving on. Remember that in the real test the time taken to answer each question is taken into account along with whether it is answered correctly. This gives a measure of both thinking power and thinking efficiency.

In the real test, prior to starting, learners are shown a simple self-paced video introduction before attempting three practice questions. This puts them at their ease and introduces them to the different types of question.

To try an interactive sample question from a specific area click on the relevant item from the list below:





  • Reading

Covers reading and understanding text, following instructions, finding specific information from tables, using simple lists and finding the main idea from a textual source.

Answer a sample question >>

  • Writing

Writing is assessed by breaking writing skills down into meaningful components such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.

Answer a sample question >>

  • Speaking and Listening

Covers recognising oral directions (what to say), using appropriate language (how to say it) and following oral directions.

Answer a sample question >>







  • Calculation

Questions assess the ability to use basic arithmetic operations in everyday contexts.

Answer a sample question >>

  • Communication of Mathematical Information

Covers understanding and communicating numerical information in different formats.

Answer a sample question >>

  • Interpretation of Mathematical Information

Covers extracting and interpreting numerical information from various data sources.

Answer a sample question >>




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